For the healers, coaches, ambitious leaders who can’t afford to burnt out, who want unlimited energy, a body that can hold their big dreams and mission, increased capacity, resilience in the physical body and authenticity in your fullest expression so you can light up the world, make huge impact and trust it’s uniquely you and your body has got your back.

This is a biohacking process, mixed with quantum energetics. Opening up DNA and the energy field, prepping the body and returning to your natural energy blueprint. Your authentic frequency. Less becomes more. Collapsing time and bringing your most aligned, energised, purposeful, impactful and joyful life here now.

EARTH - Activating ROOT of Quantum Human Potential

Earth: Root | Nervous System | Adrenals and Hormones | Root of Human Design | Foundations | Systems Automations | Healthy Masculine Energy

Reconfiguring our nervous system, to hold more energy and light.

⚡ Nervous System Resilience, Capacity and Higher tolerance

⚡ Root Pressure Energy Centre

⚡ Adrenal Hormones

⚡ Business, Body and Life foundations to hold more energy and light

⚡ Integrating healthy masculine to hold self

FIRE - Activating POWER of Quantum Human Potential

Fire: Metabolic Efficiency | Gut Health | Solar Plexus | Emotional Centre | Spleen | Confidence and Certainty | Self Promotion.
Eliminate energy leaks, recall your power and step forward with courage and confidence.
Our metabolic capacity is often limited to 5% due to common lifestyle choices and even conscious nutrition. Returning to our bodies design we can activate our 95% more energy, and restore the metabolism to create 20x more energy, easy weight management and a optimal function body.
We reclaim our energy, disconnected from inauthentic sources and rise in our own internal flame.
Energy floods back in, as does inspiration and confidence and courage to meet the world with our gifts.
To be in our fullest capacity we reignite our fire and return to our inner source of power this is also where we can confidently share our purpose and gifts with the world without a doubt what we are here to lead and inspire.

13 Week Metabolic Reset

Our comprehensive 13 week metabolic reset program. Using nutritional science, lifestyle and hormone balancing strategies as well as mindset intervention and emotional therapy to naturally balance hormones and Activate the body’s metabolism in 13 weeks.

This premium 13 week program offers world class content such as inner child, emotional eating and self sabotage healing, NLP and CBT to reprogram neural pathways, fat burning and hormone balancing nutritional science, strategic fasting, fat burning exercise, restoring circadian rhythms, balancing hormones and understanding your bodies biochemistry, self confidence and personal power as well as monthly live support calls, over 80 hormone balancing recipes and loving community with a blueprint for guaranteed success. This program is seriously one of a kind.

Program Features

80+ Recipes

80+ hormone balancing, fat burning, high energy recipes.

If you are overwhelmed with conflicting advice, sick of counting calories and stressing over what to eat, if you know what is healthy but its not working and you not sure where to start we make it quick and easy.

Using new science we don’t focus on counting calories but rather how those calories change your hormones and the voltage in the body.

Save time, keep the whole family happy and healthy while you feel fuller for long increase your metabolism and you can enjoy your food again.

High Vibe Self Paced

Your library of health, happiness and life.

Instead of trolling through articles getting more and more confused, lose yourself in our library of high vibe healing courses from conscious nutrition and gut health, to feminine cycles and fat burning exercise programs. From resetting your metabolism to quantum healing we have everything you want to know and be, in one convenient place.

Lose weight easily (physical and emotional weight), double your energy, unlock your most confident self, flow with ease and grace through life, reconnect with your soul purpose have lots of fun!

Live Coaching Calls

Accountability in our live group coaching calls.

If you have felt alone in your body and health journey, like the only one who is struggling, these calls will take the weight off your shoulders as you feel supported and connected through celebrating successes, open up multi-dimensional learning and activating inspired action each week.or the following week.

You will feel inspired, clear, accountable and focused to continue to expand into your highest self each week.

From overwhelmed and disconnected to having purpose, direction, loving life and having fun again.


Personalised Coaching

Deep dive into your personal blueprint with Natalee.

If you are sick of a one size fits all approach feeling like no-one quite understands what you are going through Natalee is going to strip back all the layers dulling your shine and guide you in your own personalised journey back home to body and life you love.

 Co-create your own personalised strategy that suits your body, your family, your life to activate dormant energy in the body so you can feel lighter, more energised and free. 

Release self sabotage and negative thought patterns and reclaim your. body a life again.

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