What I Do

A catalyst for powerful women to amplify their energy and magnetism through biohacking and quantum healing of the physical and light body so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

I am a light for those who are tired, time poor and not in control of their body any more, a guide to step through a portal into a life ENERGISED, LIGHT and FREE life, with ease, flow, confidence and purpose.

Old programming is cleared from the body, mind, DNA, cells, organs and energetic bodies and new codes activated so the body can hold more energy and life and you can SHINE!

My Philosophy

From the Macro to the Quantum, from the physical and practical to the metaphysical and spiritual, my philosophy is by all definitions holistic. I believe we all have the ability to heal and unlock a body, health and life beyond our wildest dreams but sometimes we forget and get lost along the way. I provide the stepping stones to quickly and easily shift that power back to you so you can access your full bodies potential. We will take, ‘the road less travelled’, but it is time for you to step into your power, to shine like the bright diamond you were born to be!

My Methods

As an Energy Alchemist, Coach, Writer and Speaker my followers connect on all different levels. I offer many life changing courses, intensive programs, coaching, books and events so you can start where you feel called to and dance through this journey of energy alchemy with ease and grace.

My Vision

I am on a mission to light up a million women in leadership so they can make a bigger impact on the vibration of our planet through inspirational speaking, courses, intensives, books and events to be the ripple so we can all live, energised, light and free. My goal for each woman is to clear that which is no longer serving, connect and align with their soul, heal their physical, mental and emotional bodies and reignite a fire deep in their heart and soul that their lives are fueled with energy, confidence, freedom and fun!


Events designed to awaken, align, energise and inspire. Natalee’s energetic presence and magnetism takes you on a journey from the unknown parts of yourself hidden in the shadows to vibing high in the most energetic, highest version of yourself. Bringing simplicity to the overly stimulated societal conditioning and fluff, Natalee cuts straight to the magic that will quantum leap you to a body, health and life you love.


High vibe healing courses to awaken your light, cleanse and heal your body and mind so you can hold more energy and light. Align your bodies biochemistry to balance hormones, unlock energy, release excess weight and restore sleep. Activate your full mental potential, improve cognition, releasing limiting beliefs and craft new programming. Shift and release stored emotions to free up your bodies to allow full light and energy to flow energised, light and free.


Short and sweet products designed for the time poor to quickly align you with your soul, heal your body and reignite the fire within so you can live and abundant life full of energy, confidence, ease and fun! The blueprints, the activation, the vibrational frequency to cleanse and  energise your cells, body and life through multi-dimensional energy alchemy. Meditations, Ebook’s, downloads, to start opening up you up right now.

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