About Me

An Ascension Artist and Activator creating life changing experiences for an extra-ordinary life of impact and purpose.

 Natalee Neill is an Ascension Artist and Activator creating life changing experiences and events for an extra-ordinary life of impact and purpose. As well as her transmissions of Light Language, Angelic Harmonies, Natalee is a singer, dancer, choreographer and teacher, Quantum healer working with the Chakra’s, Quantum Human Design and the Metabolism to personalise and optimise energy for your unique energy blueprint.
Natalee also writes and speaks on progressive topics that bridge the old world to the new, illuminating the new earth we are creating shattering old beliefs and densities to bring about a new paradigm of change.
Whatever your event you can guarantee Natalee will shift the vibration bringing richness, creative expression and enlightening new experiences.
⚡ Qualified Executive Coach
⚡ Qualified Quantum Human Design Specialist
⚡ Digital Marketing Manager
⚡ Qualified Life Coach
⚡ Personal Trainer
⚡ Nutritional Therapist
⚡ Certified Breathwork Facilitator
⚡ Qualified Sound Therapist
⚡Light language and psychic channel
⚡Certified Trauma Informed
Nat holds a very high vibrational for earth, shifting lower densities and harmonising energy to open up lightness and vibrancy so you can dance through life light and free.
A published writer, inspirational speaker, performer, coach and quantum healer, Natalee has activated hundreds of women through her transmissions, events, courses, books, meditations and coaching.
Natalee has studied breathwork, qi-gong, sound therapy, positive psychology specialising in leadership, quantum human design, nutritional therapy, personal training and metabolism optimisation while also immersing herself in many ancient and modern practices.
Natalee is passionate about inspiring and activating ambitious change makers to clear the old, align with their unique personal frequency, ignite the full fire energy within and passionately pursue their mission as an unstoppable ripple of change in a world that needs light-workers to Shine their brightest. 


Business Hours: 10am-2pm M-F