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High vibe healing courses to awaken your light, cleanse and heal your body and mind so you can hold more energy and light. Align your bodies biochemistry to balance hormones, unlock energy, release excess weight and restore sleep. Activate your full mental potential, improve cognition, releasing limiting beliefs and craft new programming. Shift and release stored emotions to free up your bodies to allow full light and energy to flow energised, light and free.


Short and sweet products designed for the time poor to quickly align you with your soul, heal your body and reignite the fire within so you can live and abundant life full of energy, confidence, ease and fun! The blueprints, the activation, the vibrational frequency to cleanse and  energise your cells, body and life through multi-dimensional energy alchemy. Meditations, Ebook’s, downloads, to start opening up you up right now.


Events designed to awaken, align, energise and inspire. Natalee’s energetic presence and magnetism takes you on a journey from the unknown parts of yourself hidden in the shadows to vibing high in the most energetic, highest version of yourself. Bringing simplicity to the overly stimulated societal conditioning and fluff, Natalee cuts straight to the magic that will quantum leap you to a body, health and life you love.

What People Are Saying

“I love how Natalee can simplify some of the most complex systems of the body through clever analogies and story telling. She cuts through confusing fat loss hype & empowers women with knowledge and practical strategies they can apply immediately.”
Meghan Hinchey

Donna on how she lost 16kg in 12 weeks & went from a size 22 to 14, getting her confidence and her life back!

Donna Jones

“”That was excellent!! That’s pretty much hypnotherapy and NLP right there! But better! Love it.”

Sarah Rogers

From high blood pressure, cortisol , 30kg over weight and fatty liver to losing 10kg in 3 months and reduction in all risk factors.

Catherine Haigh

“Awesome Nat! It seemed so effortless and everything flowed forth without any blocks or uncertainty. Amazing how I now feel that I can make my dreams come true and there is no future, just now. I really do feel empowered and positive”
Lori Whitlaw

From controlled by food, tired and feeling down, to energetic, no cravings and in control – with Linda.

Linda Miller


Grain Free Seed Loaf

Grain Free Seed Loaf

The Search for Bread My search for bread has been been dancing a fine balance between eggness, grainy feel, heaviness, taste and texture as well of course being gluten, grain, yeast, sugar free, low carb, keto, easy and all the rest right?! Well it seems I have found...

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Choc Chip Cookies

Choc Chip Cookies

My Addiction Years ago Coles opened up next to our house and they had their big opening day. My big mistake. Why I though it would be fun as a family to go to the Coles opening day, I have no idea. A small amount of kids entertainment was well and truly outweighed by...

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Energise Your Cells, Your Body, Your Life

Energise Your Cells, Your Body, Your Life

I am feeling lighter, more free and energised this past week after shifting some dense energy. I used to be limited to thinking my energy came from my food, BUT when I was eating what I thought was healthy, being a personal trainer, living what should have been an...

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