Energy Healing and Support Circle. An intimate (8 spots) and personalised circle of sound healing, general life support and energy healing.
A small circle weekly for anyone needing extra support right now to clear dense energy, shift state and align with your angel frequencies so you can feel supported, light and free again and shine your brightest light.
“I was mesmerised by ’Nats’ singing and light language on the weekend! I had an extremely intense lucid dream…and I believe I spoke light language for the first time! I had the pleasure of experiencing Natalee’s amazing voice at a sound healing recently, I found her voice was very unique, powerful mesmerising. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us all!”


During this 90mins session I will hold a safe container, allowing opportunities for mental and emotional support in a guided format, while also creating a space to drop into deeper states of consciousness, receive sound and energy healing and light language.
✨ Clear energy that feels heavy so you can feel light and free.
✨ Connect with angel frequencies feel nurtured, loved, held, a beautiful escape from day-to-day functioning, and remembering what it means to be a divine quantum being.
✨ A safe space to express and be heard without judgement.
✨ Receive unique sound healing and light language that connects you with your source/quantum/akashic opening up soul memory and purpose, activating dormant DNA and realigning your life for more peace and joy.
“They way Nat connects to the sound causes such gentle shifts. The influx of light codes with Nats voice resonated through my being. Incredible!!..I feel a warmth in my Womb like never before. Along with that connection then to my heart. So powerfully subtle. Thank you Nat”
“Experiencing Nat in her element of channeling light language, music and sound stirred a deep knowing within me. It was a remembering. A connection to the other realms. A soul connection. It was other worldly, blissful, beautiful and healing “

Why Come To An Event?

Cleanse and Heal

Bio-hacker, Practitioner and Healer Natalee shines a light on the density held in your body and mind. You will release old programming, dense energy & blocks to cleanse & heal the body and mind to be a pure vessel. You will feel lighter, clearer and more confident and connected to yourself.


Natalee weaves magic through her words and experience. Transporting you out of the mundane, 3D world, connecting  you with your most sovereign, multidimensional self. You will activate your highest vibration & codes so you will leave buzzing, crystal clear & feeling free of your past self sabotage habits.


Energy Alchemist and Quantum Healer Natalee knows exactly how to increase the voltage in your cells, body and life. You will not only feel energised, full of light and energy, you will have the blueprint to increase the frequency in your body so you expand powerfully & shine your light in world. 


To be inspired is to be ‘in spirit’. Natalee has a magical way of stripping you back to your raw truth, connecting you with your soul so you can dance in the pleasure of true alignment with your source energy, igniting the fire within. You will feel on purpose, passionate and inspired.

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