Learn dance routines you can perform anywhere for yourself or together, explore your own self expression and learn choreographed moves and dances. You will learn a dance and explore your own creativity and self expression.

Natalee is an ex choreographer, teacher and performance dancer for events in NZ. Her dream is for life to be a musical. No joke. To break out in song and dance in the street.

Classes are designed to be playful, creative, connected to your own and each other’s life-force and to create individual and group beauty that disrupts the mundane. Street and stage performances will open up in divine time, for this term we are laying the foundations of a vision and community. Can’t wait to play!


In person events, retreats and workshops designed to inspire, awaken, align, activate and anchor quantum human potential. A combination of spirit and human potential. A super human journey to unlock unlimited energy, reduce burn out and overwhelm, to increase capacity, resilience in the physical body and authenticity in your fullest expression so you can light up the world, make huge impact and trust it’s uniquely you and your body has got your back. This is a biohacking process, mixed with quantum energetics. Opening up DNA and the energy field, prepping the body and returning to your natural energy blueprint. Your authentic frequency. Less becomes more. Collapsing time and bringing your most aligned, energised, purposeful, impactful and joyful life here now.

Why Come To An Event?

Cleanse and Heal

Bio-hacker, Practitioner and Healer Natalee shines a light on the density held in your body and mind. You will release old programming, dense energy & blocks to cleanse & heal the body and mind to be a pure vessel. You will feel lighter, clearer and more confident and connected to yourself.


Natalee weaves magic through her words and experience. Transporting you out of the mundane, 3D world, connecting  you with your most sovereign, multidimensional self. You will activate your highest vibration & codes so you will leave buzzing, crystal clear & feeling free of your past self sabotage habits.


Energy Alchemist and Quantum Healer Natalee knows exactly how to increase the voltage in your cells, body and life. You will not only feel energised, full of light and energy, you will have the blueprint to increase the frequency in your body so you expand powerfully & shine your light in world. 


To be inspired is to be ‘in spirit’. Natalee has a magical way of stripping you back to your raw truth, connecting you with your soul so you can dance in the pleasure of true alignment with your source energy, igniting the fire within. You will feel on purpose, passionate and inspired.

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