Here are some of my favorite content you can start with at low or no cost!

Free 20 Minute Training

Healers, Coaches and Practitioners ready to take your business or vision to the next level!
This short 20 minute training is designed to show you 3 simple steps you can take right now to

✔️ 3 tweaks you can make right now to double your income with half the work

✔️ 1 simple strategy that will grow your income exponentially even while you sleep
✔️ 3 Simple tips to set up your business as the ‘masculine’ provider so you can be more in your ‘feminine’ creativity, flow and genius

These 3 tips in this 20 minute training are straight out of our 9 month business mastermind for light workers. Steps that have allowed our members to increase their income while literally working less hours AND giving their clients more value!

Free Facebook Group

Supporting healers, coaches and ambitious leaders in ascension, to uprgade and align their body, purpose and life to a bigger more authentic energy container, so you can reach more people with your magic…. without burning out lol.

Expect ascension music, activations and conversations including super human potential, sound healing, light language, biohacking and quantum human design  and much more.

7 Simple Steps to Boost Your Metabolism

How To 20x your Energy, Supercharge Your Brain, Balance Your Hormones and Activate Your SuperWoman


✔️ How to hack your metabolism, nervous system and hormones to unlock 20x more energy

✔️ Why you self sabotage and how to fix it

✔️ How to use masculine and feminine flow to optimise the bodies performance.

✔️ Quantum jump to upgrade your vibration, your cellular programming and neural pathways to match the body you love so you can live light and free.

Free Energising Meal Plan

Here is an example of an Energising Meal Plan with bonus shopping list and recipes. You will feel 100% satisfied, no deprivation, you don’t need to exercise, and you will increase your energy, balance your hormones and lose some weight in the first week.

I’ll tell you why it works. It is not about the calories that you put into your body, not the number of calories in or out – it is about what those calories communicate to your body – the hormones, the chemical messages, it sends to your brain, to your muscles, to your fat cells.