Quantum Leap Healing Meditation

Quantum leap changes body health and life, by deleting/dissolving/collapsing the gap in-between where you are and where you want to be. If there is no gap you can have anything you could possibly imagine as time does not exist, neither does any other barrier.

528 Hz, known as ‘Healing Frequency’, or ‘Love Frequency’, or ‘Miracle Tone’. It has deep healing power and is good at DNA repair. It is the unconscious or super conscious part of the mind which involves super healing, great for the immune system, hormones, rejuvenation, renewal, melatonin/sleep, restoring health, longevity and highly advanced awareness!

Multi-Dimensional Psychology & Coaching. Woven into the fabric of your meditation Natalee integrates multiple psychology strategies to unwind and delete old programming while rewiring new neural pathways to design the body, health and life of your dreams. Using specially designed questioning and techniques Natalee helps you connect with your highest self and unlock all the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had. You are 100% in control while you are guided straight to your fullest potential so you can watch the veils fall away and clearly who you are meant to be, who you want to be and who you are all in a moment with clear steps to maintain the connection, body, health and life you create.

Ebook - Balance Your Hormones

There are 9 hormones that are often out of balance in the body leading to excess fat (particularly around the tummy), poor sleep (can’t switch off at night or wake up in the night – usually around 2am), inconsistent energy (energy when busy and then crashing), PMS or menopause symptoms, fluid retention, craving sugar and carbohydrates as well as depression, anxiety and stress. We share all these secrets with you in our E-Book HERE.

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Ditch all the hype and conflicting info. We cut the fluff and take you straight to the truth to release excess weight, increase energy, & heal right now!

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Value for you money. Save money with these DIY blueprints, the activation, the vibrational frequency in our meditations and ebooks.

Short and Punchy

Short and sweet products designed for the time poor to accelerate your results, align with your soul, heal your body and reignite the fire within.



Press play when it suits you. Fit your cleanse and healing in and around your busy life so you can continue to grow and live life.