Quantum Leap Healing Meditation

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Quantum Leap Healing Meditation with Delta Binaural Beats 528 HZ. Raise your vibration & reprogram your DNA. Collapse time and space. Shift timelines. Create your new reality


Quantum Leap Healing Meditation – with Delta Binaural Beats 528 HZ

  • Raise your vibration & reprogram your DNA
  • Collapse time and space
  • Shift timelines
  • Create your new reality

Quantum Leap Healing

Quantum leap changes body health and life, by deleting/dissolving/collapsing the gap in-between where you are and where you want to be. If there is no gap you can have anything you could possibly imagine as time does not exist, neither does any other barrier. It works off a multidimensional matrix framework rather than a linear, practical framework. It is beyond what the mind can conceive so if you can release the mind and embrace the heart anything is possible. 

Delta Binaural Beats 528 HZ

528 Hz, known as ‘Healing Frequency’, or ‘Love Frequency’, or ‘Miracle Tone’. It has deep healing power and is good at DNA repair. It’s at Delta wavelengths which is the deepest meditation state that many scientist believe is the most beneficial state (although I think there are also states they don’t know yet ?)

It is the unconscious or super conscious part of the mind which involves super healing, great for the immune system, hormones, rejuvenation, renewal, melatonin/sleep, restoring health, longevity and highly advanced awareness!

Multi-Dimensional Psychology & Coaching

Woven into the fabric of your meditation Natalee integrates multiple psychology strategies to unwind and delete old programming while rewiring new neural pathways to design the body, health and life of your dreams. Using specially designed questioning and techniques Natalee helps you connect with your highest self and unlock all the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had. You are 100% in control while you are guided straight to your fullest potential so you can watch the veils fall away and clearly who you are meant to be, who you want to be and who you are all in a moment with clear steps to maintain the connection, body, health and life you create.



“Is really really good! Made me cry! …..In the minute I got confused with present me and future ” it was all the same, right here now ” I love the concept and will do it again.”

Bev Marie

“That was excellent!! That’s pretty much hypnotherapy and NLP right there! But better! Love it.”

Sarah Rogers – Hypnotherapist and Bars Coach

“Awesome Nat. It seemed so effortless and everything flowed forth without any blocks or uncertainty. Amazing how I now feel that I can make my dreams come true and there is no future, just now. I really do feel empowered and positive”

Lori Whitelaw

“Great work. I was num all the way through and will be going through it again and again as it is a very good….it has been very effective by bringing many disciplines together.”

Paridokht Barbour – Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher


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