Pranic Breatharian Healing MP3

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Cleanse and clear the mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies. Bring in increase levels of energy and light into the body so you can feel lighter, more energised, free and in love with life.


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Heal your bodies to receive more in your body, health and life and go beyond your perceived limits.

Your focus HAS been looking after everyone else, your partner, your kids, supporting friends and giving your all to work. And then there was a moment you realised you lost your spark, the weight of the world is sitting on your hips, bloated belly and heavy body.

You are already pretty healthy so where do you start to go to get more out of your body and life?

This healing session will
? cleanse, clear and heal the mind, emotions, body and soul.
? bring more light and energy into the body
? so you feel energised, light, confident and free

Most of you know I did my pranic initiation. I actually faced my deepest fears and walk head first into them. As a gift for stepping into my shadows, I was introduced to a more refined version of myself. I felt energy like nothing since I did my metabolic reset, I felt peace like nothing ever before and I had a deep connection not just with myself but everything around me. I shattered old programming and felt like I died and was reborn again in a new body and mind

Here is what your session involves

? Cleansing, clearing and healing the mind. Because it is the most active starting here gives the whole body permission to relax, quieten the mind then can access the rest.

? Cleansing, clearing and healing the emotional body. Your emotions are a direct manifestation of the mind/thoughts, we will empty your emotional baggage and energy.

? Cleansing, clearing and healing physical body. Your body is a direct reflection of your mind and emotions. You will access physical space your thoughts and emotions were occupying in the body then your physical body can relax.

? Cleansing, clearing and healing the energy body or soul. After you have cleansed, cleared and healed your more dense bodies you can then easily access soul or light body for a deeper layer of healing.

The final part of your healing once the above space is cleansed, cleared and healed is to expand the healing energy you can receive in your bodies. The is a powerful session involving rapid breathing through the mouth and then pausing in the breathless state to feel the energy moving through your bodies, healing, energising, breathing through you.

Please make sure you find the time and space for about 1hr so you can fully relax.


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