‘I don’t have time’,
to be honest this is kind of bullsh*t ,
and NOT in the “it’s all about your priorities” kind of of way,
that’s kind of bullsh*t too,
both have you trapped as a VICTIM,
GIVING your power away to ‘time’,
like it can dictate your life,
like it has some kind of POWER to decide,
what you can and cannot do,and whether you can enjoy the things you want to in life,
“I don’t have time”, AND “It’s all about your priorities”,
are BELIEFS of the old world,
One of the biggest ILLUSIONS,
Creating a gaping chasm between you and the new world,
the new world, where freedom lies,
Higher frequencies reign,
And the mind, and time hold little power,
So many people say they don’t have time, with little understanding of what these words mean. As we head into a new year,
here is how to DO ‘time’ differently – or maybe BE time differently.

1. Consider that time is a man made construct NOT a reality.

Time is NOT LINEAR, it can expand, it can contract, it can collapse.

As you consider, embrace and practice playing with time you can use it to get more done and FEEL its never ending expansiveness.

Time is a BELIEF.

This can take some practice, some letting go of EVERYTHING you have once known, your success is proportionate to your WILLINGNESS to embody this new belief. I literally stated with “time expands every time I breath” as an affirmation anytime I felt like time was controlling my life. Try it and watch how these statements make you feel.

Time is a feeling and is very much RELATIVE not constant.

Watch how you feel and then watch how your EXPERIENCE of time changes.


When you are tired, exhausted even,
this gives the illusion of no time.

Invest in practices that energise you and your body. Not just what you think gives you energy, all the things that you feel energised after doing these can be very different! This is such an empowering experience with soooo many opportunities I wrote a whole course on it!

3. Flow in CYCLES rather linear – especially women!

If you have are confined to linear living you feel obliged to follow one step after the other which LIMITS POSSIBILITIES, including time. If you tune into your own cycles, or even to start with maybe the moons cycles you will see that the flow of energy comes in surges.

In these times of surging you can get so much done and time expands very rapidly.

On the other hand as you feel into times of retreat, replenishment, introversion it will feel like you lose time IF you don’t listen to your body. Instead this is the time to create space for quiet time. If you RESIST flow and insist on CONTROLLING time you will be forever FIGHTING it! This has been such a powerful shift in my life, freeing up so much time, this is why I wrote our course on ancient femanine cycles of the moon.

4. ALIGN – Here is the most powerful way to expand your time.

Time will absolutely CONTRACT when you are living in your HEAD and out of alignment with your HEART and SOUL.

If you can CONNECT with your heart and soul each day from various practices you can then move forward and take action that is aligned and purposeful. This is a fascinating process is hard to understand LOGICALLY but is of another world, another DIMENSION so just do it, and watch how much you get done with time barely moving at all.

All your healing will come from this place when you are ready. Some simple daily practices to align and commitment to aligned action is a great place to start!

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Hope you had the most magical Christmas, I know 2018 was a tough year for most, this year is going to be very different, intense but very different, I promise! And of course I would love to support you in facilitating your new body, health and life. Seriously, what you think controls you, your body and your life, doesn’t – and you can have it all!

Have an amazing week, everything is unfolding perfectly!

Nat x