I am feeling lighter, more free and energised this past week after shifting some dense energy. I used to be limited to thinking my energy came from my food, BUT when I was eating what I thought was healthy, being a personal trainer, living what should have been an IDEAL healthy life, I was more exhausted than I ever had been. Have you ever felt this way?
What I notice now is the same pattern in most clients I work with, instead of being tunneled visioned with food, I now see
the MATRIX of energy that flows in AND out of our body and I focus on OPENING up and channeling this energy into the cells, our body and our life.
These are the main frameworks I use to create a surge of energy, working smarter rather than harder.
1. Stop thinking your energy comes from food. It seems simple but it takes some time to adjust.

Food can actually be a poor source of energy especially if you have gut issues. DIGESTION is one the most energy draining processes in the body! 

If you can shift this MINDSET it will open up so many doors for more energy to flood into your life. This was a huge shift for me, as PT years ago realising I was eating ‘good’ food and was exhausted all the time. My inflammation was high, my digestive system SLUGGISH, my body not ABSORBING vitamins and minerals and I wasn’t OPTIMISING other fuel sources. I was so exhausted I went to be about 9ish most nights and if I had no work I would stay in be until lunch the next day. Most of the photo’s with my baby were me lying on the ground or in bed, I was so exhausted all the time!!!

2. Use your fat stores.

I know it sounds simple right, but most people use glucose as their primary FUEL SOURCE which only has about 2000 calories STORED in the body, so you have to eat every couple of hours to stock up, but, even if you are skinny you have at least 40,000 calories of stored fat, if you are not skinny you have more…..

That’s at least 20x MORE energy than glucose, so um why not use it if you are struggling with energy?!

I won’t go into huge detail as I have so much content on this topic but basically, you can do our free 7 day challenge here, get my ebook, watch my videos or read my blogs, watch my free online workshop, or do my 12 week metabolic reset. You have everything you need to boost your energy 20x.

3. In the metaphysical world we live in our SOUL FUELS our body and life.
If your soul is ignored, rejected, blocked from being a driving force, life becomes out of ALIGNMENT with your soul. We are here on this earth for a PURPOSE , you have a MISSION. Lack of energy suggests you got distracted with EARTHLY worries, your EGO fed you FEAR and you complied. This year we will all connect more with our soul and light, the viels will thin and you will see what you were asleep to before. Once you see and KNOW your heart, light and soul again, you will know what you are here to do and then its about having the COURAGE to step out of our conditioning and INTO your purpose.

When you live ALIGNED with your PURPOSE and PASSION this ENERGISES you. Your soul SOURCE is what energises your body, without your soul your body dies right?! 

It is keeping you ALIVE so you must feed your light body. Feed it with light food, connect with it,release anything that is not serving your light body and watch as you step into the lightest and most free life you could ever imagine!!

4. Energy at a quantum level is a transfer of ELECTRONS.

It’s ELECTRICITY in your body. Water is the MEDIUM, the conductor and everything you do either depletes electrons or it charges your body with electrons.

Electrons are HEALING, they create ALKALINITY, they are ANTI-OXIDANTS, they are your physical life force. 

I have a whole course on quantum healing to energise your cells, your body and your life you can currently access this course in our monthly membership here, essentially you can get started with simple practices like eating LIVING food, getting your electrons from the SUN, from the EARTH with grounding, getting a HUG the infrared light emitted charges your body! And drink water that is structured and charged as it is a acts like a juicy BATTERY!

You can currently access this course in our monthly membership

5. Release energy VAMPIRES.

Physically these may be microorganisms like PARASITES that FEED off energy in the body, energetically these could be people who feed off your life-force energy, leaving you feel DRAINED after being around them. 

PROTECT yourself by raising your bodies VIBRATION (increase electrons charge), setting BOUNDARIES and CLEANSE the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies of density.

6. TUNE IN and FLOW with your own energy CYCLES and with the cycles of the energy around you.

As you tune into your own rhythm you will notice it comes in surges and lulls. You can maximise energy by going with these cycles rather than against them. 

My blog on INERTIA here explains more about this concept, essentially but essentially when there is MOMENTUM there is less energy used to go with this momentum, when you are slow moving it takes more energy/ INERTIA to try force movement.

Ride the waves of NATURE rather than socially CONSTRUCTED norms, this is such a simple way to EXPAND energy exponentially, it opens up portals to new dimensions, it will seriously change your life!!!!


Super excited we will be opening up our 13 Week Metabolic Reset shortly, Completing one of our free 7 day challenges or one of our trainings is a pre-requsite to apply.

If you have been feeling the call, do the 7 day challenge and if it feels aligned, reach out. Remember to lead with your heart, don’t over-think it with your head xx

I would love to hear what YOU do to energise your cells your body and your life ? OR maybe what you are willing to let go of in 2019 OR what you are committing to to increase energy in your cells, body and life this year?!

Have a beautiful week, I am expanding into juggling, business, kids and life on my own this week with hubby away for a few weeks. Life is constantly changing and giving us opportunities to step into more of our power. Just when we think we can’t do it the universe supports us in showing us we can.

You are capable of so much more than you realise, go out and leave your mark this week! All my love,

Nat x