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Are you looking to have more energy, better sleep and to feel happier and healthier?
Do you struggle to lose weight no matter how focused you are? 
Are you sick of setting goals that you don’t achieve?

I have 2 new spaces for my Enlighten Life Wellness Coaching Programme

By the end of the 12 week program you will have

  • A clear vision of what you want to achieve in life
  • A workable plan of action and support to achieve your goals
  • Reviewed your diet and made changes that are delicious and easy 
  • More energy and have lost weight!
  • An exercise program that you want to stick to
  • A healthier and safer home environment
  • Learnt to manage your time more effectively
  • Reduced destructive thoughts
  • Reduced your stress levels
  • Increased your wealth
  • An action plan to continue you health and wellness journey  

Normally $79/hour available for 2 people only at $39/hour for 12 weekly sessions in person. (Offer only available in January)

Offer available for overseas clients for $29/hour via skype

Why do you need a coach? 
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge
  • Support

My 6 month old daughter is my priority at the moment so I really only have the space to take on 2 more clients so get in quick. 

IMPORTANT: As I only have two new spots I am only looking to take on people who are 100% committed to working hard, sticking to their plan and giving 100% with a positive attitude.

Email with your interest at enlighten.life.coach.info@gmail.com

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