I was having a conversation with a client on our 3lite vibrant leaders program and she was saying how she knows she should meditate but just doesn’t have the time. She is desperate for the benefits but doesn’t want to invest her precious time.

So I decided to share my favourite quick and easy ways to meditate – for the short of time.

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Meditation is about consciousness, its about being present, going deeper and connecting with a different part of you. Firstly I want to quickly share some of the benefits, or the why you need meditation in your life then I will give you the how to – quickly.

Why you NEED to meditate?

  • If you have any health issues – which most of us do, then meditation is a must. There so much evidence that supports the health benefits.
  • Meditation reduces stress and there are massive risks of prolonged stress on your health. Meditation allows you to pause and allow your body to heal.
  • Improve your concentration. Meditation will assist in achieving a clearer mind and increased focus throughout your day. You can’t afford not to!
  • The ability to detach. The focus on the present enables you to learn to detach from the past or future. Less sweating the small stuff, more enjoying each moment. Less worry, less depression. Detaching is the key to dealing with daily challenges with grace.
  • Understand more about yourself. Meditation teaches you to listen to your body, your mind and spirit. It helps you understand more about who you are, your purpose and how your being is part of a bigger energy.

Here are 3 ways to get value now from meditation.

  1. Gratitude: Share your gratitude with the universe, write it down – everyday. It helps you focus on the right now and the positives. It is also a great reminder that these blessing are a gift and not a right.
  2. Mindfulness: This is about being aware of  the current moment not the future or the past and is easier said than done! Start by focusing on your breath, how it feels and how it sounds. Then become aware of all your senses, how your body feels, what you can hear, what you can taste, what you can smell. Then take your awareness outside of your body to the room you are in, what do you hear, smell, feel. Finally take your mind outside the room you are in, what are the distant sounds, smells, feelings. This is amazing, you will notice so much more in your day because you are teaching yourself to be aware and appreciate each moment. Make sure you try it at work!
  3. Meditation: The above exercise is an excellent way to lead you into meditation. Once relaxed and aware of your surroundings, you will be in a better position to clear your mind. Come back to your breathe and clear your mind, if thoughts come into your mind, watch them float in and then back out again like a wave, not trying to resist, acknowledging their presence and then coming back to your breathe. When the gaps between your thoughts become bigger, imagine yourself falling down a rabbit hole, allowing your mind to go deeper and deeper. The moment a thought comes you will find yourself coming out of your trance again so just come back to your breath.

Keep it simple to start with, only do 5mins and as you get better increase. 5mins is so powerful you can only imagine what potential there is!

The busier you are, the more meditation you need to do, so time is no excuse.

What I want you to do is go away and practice all 3 techniques above, right now. If you do that you will notice less tension in your body, increase awareness of your body and surrounding and you will instantly be more patient!

I’d love to hear from you and how you are going to remind yourself to meditate each day, please share in the comments below.