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I am going to be honest, 100% of the women I talk to, with my guidance can lose weight naturally, effortlessly and sustainably. In fact, that is the easy part. Its a very simple process, I know what works and what doesn’t. You just follow the steps, you lose weight week one, week three-four your energy doubles, by week 8-12 you are a fat burning machine.

We balance your hormones so you work smarter not harder.

Weight loss can be easy and sustainable.

So losing weight is not hard.

Being ready to lose weight on the other hand is.

In fact this is where most people fall down. They are not ready. Sometimes I will tell them they are not ready because they have no idea themselves. A lot of the time they will come up with excuses themselves, these are mental and emotional barriers in disguise. But really, if you want it bad enough, if it is the number one priority in your life you will make it happen and then you will get the results.

Fat metabolism is completely different to glucose metabolism and when you get the two confused nothing seems to work, you don’t get results and you feel like a failure, isolated, like the only person who is trying to lose weight and it doesn’t work.

If you don’t see the results in the short term it’s pretty hard to stick to your plan. Well you are not alone. I speak to so many women all in the same boat. Exercising, hardly eating anything at all, reasonably healthy, don’t eat much junk food, but nothing they do shifts the weight.

See, our knowledge of weight loss is wrong and you can see how the ‘Biggest Loser’ approach doesn’t work HERE, how it damages your metabolism and how it upsets your hormone balance.

When you work smarter not harder, you lower the hormone that stops fat metabolism

When you lower the hormone that stops fat metabolism then suddenly the body can burn fat and you lose weight, sounds simple right? It is.

There is often a couple of other common themes that pop up though that can slow the progress of you burning fat.

  • One. Sleep. Most women I speak with have very crappy sleep. They either find it hard to fall asleep, or once they are asleep they then wake again, usually around 1-3am in the morning (I will explain this another time). If you are not sleeping well your body will pick your ‘readily-available’ and ‘easy-to-burn’ fuel, glucose, not fat. If you are sleep deprived your ghrelin (hunger hormone) will be up and leptin (satiety and metabolism hormone) will be down, which means not only are you burning glucose rather than fat, you are craving foods that will fill up your glucose stores the quickest – sugar and carbohydrates. Crave sweets and carbs when you are tired? Explained.
  • Two. Stress. And I don’t mean my job is stressful kind of stress. I mean you are a busy women on the go all the time, you don’t stop. If you have energy when you are on the go but crash when you stop, you are running off adrenaline, this stress hormone signals for glucose as your fuel, not fat.
  • Three. Self Sabotage. Will power can only get you so far and usually around the 2-3 week mark if you didn’t go in with a plan you will ‘Fall off the wagon’. At the end of the day your behaviours are a indirect result of your thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs. These have been established from a very young age, often subconscious. So without realising, half way into your weight loss journey, after being so pumped up at the start, you are sabotaging your good efforts. You have no idea why, you label yourself an emotional eater and you basically tripped yourself up with your own foot. Now you feel like a failure again.
  • Four. Empowerment. If someone tells you what to do you are not empowered. When they are not around you have no reasons to stick to the plan. When you are aware of the problem, aware of the solution, AND are willing to take responsibility for your weight and health, you are empowered and take ownership of the outcome. If you source the answers yourself you are even more likely to follow through. This is how results become sustainable and is the ONLY way to sustainable weight loss.

So maybe there is a little bit more to weight loss than the biochemistry of burning fat, but you can see there are still answers, and there is still a very simple blueprint that you can follow to balance all these hormones, to restore your circadian rhythms, reprogram your thought patterns, control your emotions, to take ownership and burn fat. But do you even want it?

I would say maybe 5-10% might. That is totally a made up number and it may be more or less but realistically I have thousands of people in our database and I often send out an invitation, usually free and I don’t get thousands of responses. I get a number of responses and those people get answers, clarity and when they put it into practice it changes their life. Like one clients feedback this week.

GOTTA share, Im on cloud 9 and no-one to tell. Only lost a kg this week so was a little disheartened when I went to measure myself. WOW OMG….I lost TWO inches off my waist and THREE inches off my hips.  None off my boobs…lol. 5 inches in one week MORE than makes up for the scales!!! Doing a happy dance with the dobes wondering what the hell has gone wrong with me! LOVE this WOE.

So why aren’t there more? More people jumping at the opportunity to get these results? Why isn’t everyone putting their hand up?

Here are the common superficial reasons,

One. Time.

Two. Money.

Three. Energy.

When we dissect these three, here are the deeper reasons,

One. Fear – This is so broad, but generally, fear of having to change, fear of the unknown, fear of not being loved, fear of failure fear of being vulnerable, fear of not knowing all the answers, fear of not being in control, fear, fear, fear.

Two. Discomfort – We want and expect things to be easy. We hate discomfort. We don’t want to have to work for the goods.

So if we get really honest we have tonnes of free content, if you follow it, it will work. Here’s a quick fact for you though. When it’s free you usually never make the time for it.  So if you chose to invest money in any of our books, membership or programs what you are doing is putting a price on your weight, your body, your health, how much do you value it? As your financial commitment increases, so does your time and energy commitment, you do the work required and you get better results. This is a proven fact over years of experience. Me? Whenever I am serious about getting results I get a coach and I pay for it. Increases my commitment and results every time.

So what have you been waiting for?

What has been holding you back?

And what are you going to do to change that?

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