Gosh cosmic events, moon, solar flares, planetary positions and the awakening of the conscious collective has been powerful for the past few months.

If you are healing your physical body you have probably had to CONFRONT alot of emotions, have a face off with your deepest FEARS and witness your SHADOWS that have you stuck in the mud. At some point you may have snapped, CRACKED, fallen to your knees under the weight of all the shifts.

But I promise you this is part of your journey, part of your WHOLE healing, no more bandaid fix.

Last week,
Like a piece of glass,
I cracked,
And then shattered into a thousand pieces,

I didn’t even bother to put the pieces together again,
I was exhausted,

the sudden release,
of stored energy,
flooding out and drowning everyone in its path,

Like magic,

As I watched,
As I breathed,

The forces of unstoppable energy moved,
Like a persistent wave,
Constant and certain,

Rearranging the pieces,
Like a magnet,
Pulling pieces together,

To form a new picture,
A lighter perspective ✨


If you have been feeling defeated , pushed to your limits, feeling like your external world is against you, just know,
it is all a reflection of your inner world shifting into whole healing.

A place where your ‘nutrition’ is less important because you heal at the source,
a place where exercise for weight loss is fruitless when you are already perfect,
a place where you don’t need to keep yourself busy to feel of worth because you know you are love,
a place where you don’t need sugar because life is just so sweet.


And until this place is your home,

  • breathe in fresh health, breathe out darkness
    remember this is a journey, there is no destination
    pause and listen to your intuition before you eat
    get clear on ‘why’ you want to be healthy AND why you don’t
    practice being vulnerable
    witness your thoughts without judgement
    drink lots of good quality water
    go to bed before 1030pm

These SIMPLE practices create the most POWERFUL, physical, mental and emotional shifts that allow to BREAK gracefully and then easily SLIP back into place again, but more NEW, more WHOLE, with more LIGHT and more ENERGY.

But its call ‘doing the work’ because you need to take PURPOSEFUL ACTION to make it happen.

Sending you so much strength and presence heading into the week, wishing you courage to keep taking one step at a time, soon you will look up and see you are where you always wanted to be, light and free.

Natalee xx

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