It’s New Moon in Virgo so naturally I am going to go deep into the darkness, because this is where we find our light right?!!
So bare with me, if you know me by now, you might have been pulled into my waves of hysterical highs of love, laughter and un-penetrable peace and deep dives into the deepest and darkest of oceans to find ourselves, our body, health and life.

In this material world we can easily be a sucker for bright shiny things, anything new, and bold, things that make us feel good, things that make us feel like we are looking after ourselves.

But are we really?


When I first started my health journey 8 years ago, it started with chemical cleaners, I threw them all in the bin and started making my household spray with vinegar. That then escalated to wanting to make everything from scratch, so I threw all our packet stuff in the bin. Yup I was a little extremist. My poor fiance at the time was empathetic to my controlling behaviours and just looked the other way.

What started as an OBSESSION with the natural, turned to a strict vegan diet, not dying my hair, washing it with baking soda and ACV, and not wearing shoes.

The same thing happened when I started to open my eyes to the spiritual world. I was lured into crystals, oracle cards and divination, meditation and moon ceremonies. I felt like I NEEDED to be active in all these spaces to unlock my fullest potential and connect with the divine.

And then I realised,

I was running around, making bone broth and sauerkraut, going to markets for my organic produce and kombucha, talking to angels and putting my crystals under the moonlight, doing coffee enemas, and salt baths,

that I running away from ME.


Sometimes known in psychology as a SPIRITUAL BYPASS, which I would like to extend to the health world. BYPASSING OUR SHIT with the spiritual or healthy stuff.

I have watched countless people preach their healthy ways of life or their spiritual practices only to live out of alignment with their TRUTH. Still running away from their fears, still running away from their shit.

They are attached to the IDEA or ACTIONS of health or the idea and actions associated with the spiritual, and it is BLINDING them from what is right in front of them,



Don’t get me wrong, no judgement here. This was and still is me, until I catch myself.

If you take away the health food, if you take away the exercise, if you take away the crystals and angel cards, the astrology and numerology, the oils, the books and the courses,

What would be left?

In the silence, in the NOTHINGNESS,

THIS is is where the most intense healing happens,

THIS is where the integration happens,

Its the Yin to our Yang,

Its the ‘Being’ to our doing,

Its the receiving to our giving,

It’s the inflow to our outflow,

Its effect, to our cause,

Its that moment in time where everything STOPS and all the energy you have invested in your health, physical, mental and emotional, catches up to you,
and KNOCKS you to the floor,

and you don’t really want to get up again,
because THAT is the real shit,
THAT is where the magic happens,

Lying in pain, discomfort, staring our fears in the face,
THIS is what we have been running from,
BYPASSING the GATEWAY to our ascension,
with health food and spiritual practices.


Until we honour the dark AS PART of the light,
two side of the SAME coin,
a SHADOW of the same human,
darkness will fight us,
its the universal law of POLARITY,
reining this world,

IF we were to STOP,
release our ATTACHMENT to our distractions,,
face the dark,
and hold fast,
we would start to see, the light IN the dark,
and ascend to a world where polarity DOESN’T exist,
we are already whole and healed.

Who can relate to bypassing their ‘shit’ with health food or spiritual practices?

Its new moon today so the darkness may creep up on us. Don’t fight it, the real freedom lies BEING in it’s presence.

Sending you love and strength to face whatever comes at you this week, you have everything you need, lean in with faith.

Much love and blessings,

Natalee xx