This is my recipe for this morning’s green smoothie. Its one of my favourites as it has just the right amount of fruit for where I am at the moment. I am working towards 100% vegetables however it is quite hard to have no sugar after a lifetime of being addicted.


1/3 cup oat milk
3 kale leaves
1/2 cucumber
1 stalk of celery
3/4 banana (I know its a weird amount, 1 banana is too sweet and I’m not ready for half yet :p have a play and see what works for you)
1 tsp of chia

  • Remove the stems of the kale leaves (I save these for juicing later)
  • Put your ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth

I also add a tsp of super greens mix and a tsp of vitamin C. You can add whatever supplements you would like. Once I have finish breastfeeding I will also add a Cacao and Maca Mix. Yum!

Whats your favourite green smoothie combo?