Its no secret that there are chemicals and other toxins around us, all of the time. There is a lot of evidence to support the harmful affects of certain chemicals that are in products we use daily but there is little research on accumulation of all these harmful chemicals. From the research I have done I truly believe that the accumulation of toxins in our bodies, along with the lack of quality nutrition and suppressed emotions is the cause of the majority if not all of today’s diseases including autoimmune diseases, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Here are some of the products we use, the chemicals found in most of them and some natural alternatives. Today we will look at cleaning products and over the coming weeks we will also look at skin care and cosmetics, pots and pans, baby products and plastics.
Most antibacterial cleaners, air fresheners, dishwasher detergents, oven cleaners, carpet cleaners and toilet/sink/tub/tile cleaners, aka all the products under your kitchen sink, contain harmful toxins according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some of the common ingredients found in household cleaners include but are not limited to ammonia, lye, phosphate, pesticides and chlorine. These substances can cause eye, nose, ear, throat and skin irritation and can sometimes be fatal if swallowed. If you mix ingredients then there is also the risk of toxic chemical reactions such as ammonia and chlorine–together they produce cloramine gas, which can be fatal when breathed. 
Natural Alternatives:
Multi- purpose cleaning (kitchen, oven, bathroom, toilets, and shower): Vinegar, baking soda and your choice of essential oil for scent
Air Freshener: Ventilate well and use baking soda (contains minerals that absorb odours) in a container with your choice of essential oil
Dishwashing detergent: Castile soap and vinegar
Laundry detergent: Washing soda, borax and castile soap
Soap: Castile Soap
Toothpaste: Baking soda, coconut oil, 3% hydrogen peroxide and peppermint oil