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We have already looked at the harmful ingredients in our cleaning products and some alternate natural options. Today we look at skin care and cosmetics. This is oh so important! Our skin is our largest organ of our beautiful body and laps up everything we put on it. Would you eat the products you use on your skin?
Some of the common ingredients in the products you use everyday and some natural alternatives:
Phthalates can also be found in perfumes, deodorants and hair sprays, as well as nail polish. This chemical is carcinogenic and disrupts hormones that are increasingly being linked to reproductive disorders. In children Phthalates has been associated with causing harmful effects to growth and development and impacting brain functions like learning, behaviour and memory.
Triclocarban/Triclosan, added to soaps and lotions as a antimicrobial has been linked to thyroid damage, hormone disruption and neurological development. Studies have found triclosan may harm the human immune system, which makes people more likely to develop allergies, and reduce muscle strength in humans and animals.
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is used to make foam so found in most foaming skin care products including shampoo, soap and toothpaste. Products containing sodium lauryl sulphate cause skin damage, permanent eye damage, and liver toxicity. The manufacturing process also contaminates this ingredient with carcinogenic by-products 1,4-dioxane that suppress the immune system.
Aluminium is a toxic metal found in nearly everything including deodorant and shampoo. Because it is applied to skin near the breast the chemical absorption creates an estrogen like affect that eventually disrupts the function of the endocrine system. It also clogs lymph nodes leading to cancer that can spread quickly around the lymphatic system.
Parabens are a synthetic preservative found in cosmetic and skin care products. Parabens have properties similar to estrogen and are linked to breast cancer, to severe allergies and disruption of the endocrine system functioning.
Synthetic Formaldehyde is a highly toxic volatile organic compound found in nail polish. When it vaporises it is carcinogenic and toxic to the liver.
Toluene is found in nail polish and cosmetics and is a neurotoxin that affects brain function and the nervous system.
Lead a known neurotoxin that has no safe level of exposure, is found in women’s lipsticks. A study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration discovered lead in 400 lipsticks tested. In adults, long-term lead exposure can affect the nervous system, interfere with normal brain development and result in slight blood pressure increases and anemia. In children, it can cause serious brain damage, impairing cognitive and memory abilities. Everyone has heard about harmful effects of lead-based paints, why would you apply it around your mouth?
Natural Alternatives: 

If you are not up for home made remedies use certified organic products
Moisturiser: Coconut oil (you only need the tiniest amount)
Toner: Hydrogen peroxide 3%
Exfoliator: Honey and baking soda
Soap: Castile Soap
Toothpaste: Baking soda, coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide and peppermint oil
Nail Polish: If this is a must there are a number of brands that omit the most publicised harmful chemicals. 
What natural remedies do you use?

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