Its a good feeling when you flip an egg perfectly without breaking it, but is it worth your health? Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), which make products stain and stick resistant,are proven to be detrimental to your health, including increased risk of cancer.

Polytetrafluoroetheylene (PTFE) the polymer used on non stick cookware can emit toxic by-products that cause flu-like symptoms in humans when heated past 260 degrees Celcius, or after they have started to flake. 

PFOA one of the most common forms of PFC’s and also used as a surfactant to produce PTFE is a likely human carcinogen; it causes liver, pancreatic, testicular, andmammary gland tumours in laboratory animals. The half-life of PFOA’s in our bodies (the time it takes to expel half of a dose) is estimated at more than 4 years and exposure before birth has been linked with lower birth weight in both, infertility and birth defects animal and human studies.

To steer clear of PFCs, avoid products made with Teflon or list ingredients beginning with “fluoro” or “perfluoro.”

Natural Alternatives:
Once your pots and pans start to scratch and chip, choose safer cookware, such as uncoated stainless steel, glass, or well made cast iron.
If you are using non stick pans never cook food on anything above medium heat. Never place an empty pan over heat, because it will allow the temperature of the pan to reach 260 degrees C more quickly. 

Do you use Teflon?

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