As an energy alchemist I like to cultivate and direct energy from what seems like thin air.

Most people know everything around us is made up of energy particles yet try to use food to get their energy. Our food is only a small part of where our energy comes from – in fact the very foundation of my business is switching energy to non food sources despite being a nutritional therapist!!!

For those that don’t know my health journey started very much asleep, even as a personal trainer and athlete I was limited to thinking my energy only came from food and it wasn’t until I had no energy and I was still eating the foods that were supposed to energise me, that I started to question everything I knew. In fact I wasn’t just short of energy I had crippled my body with a ‘degenerative’ and ‘incurable’ condition of the spine, I couldn’t walk properly and spent my days planning where I would spend my limited energy.

If you have been following me for a while you will know the biochemical shifts I made was altering my primary fuel source from glucose – limited to about 2000 calories in the body ( a couple of hours worth) to fat and ketones – about 40,000 calories even in a skinny ultra athlete (days/weeks and sometimes months worth of energy).

In comparison this feels limitless, you have access to an energy source at least 20x what you were using, even more if you are over weight.

I do have lots of free content on the art and science or fat metabolism and conscious ketosis, if this lights your fire you can check out my free 7 day challenge or my 8 part video series when you download my free fat burning meal plan. Today however I wanted to share a simple strategy to increase your energy and certainly move away from current habits of wasting it.

Inertia was a word I was fascinated with in physics – I was the kid that wanted to study ‘string theory’ in my last year of school (an advanced university level physics ‘theory of everything’) Anything energy, quantum physics really turned me on so now I integrate it into maximising not only our health but our lives.

Inertia, simplified, is the energy required to move something, for simplicity sake lets say something stationary. Its like the sticking point.

In its translation Inertia is the power of resistance, because every body, try’s to preserve its present ‘state’. Its the resistance to change of an object – or person.

Its like every piece of matter prefers to remain unchanged and does so until sufficient ‘force’ or energy is directed to unstick it, to release the resistance.

So what?

How can we apply this to our health and life.

Well I watch so many people working like an on off switch. Go to work and then switch off, do a workout then have a break, go on a diet and then stop, go go go and then crash. This model of operation is an inefficient use of energy, its investing energy in a task, then stopping and then leaking the inertia..

The moment you are ready to start again, inertia is required again.

Energy input is required to move you past the resistance of being stationary, that sticking point that finds it easier to stay the same. I don’t know about you but once you stop its hard to get started.

Its like I will start on Monday. I will start tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes.


Instead of stopping completely,

Instead of leaking energy,

I shift to slowing down,

But keep moving forward,

It is less energy to accelerate a slowly moving object than to start a stationary object,

this is inertia.

Moving to a model of always moving forward, even if its at snails pace, is not only a more effective use of energy, freeing up more energy in your life – it is also a life saver on your mindset using basic psychology.

Its shifting from the destructive thought patterns of all or nothing, on the wagon off the wagon, right or wrong, to a world that instead of being black and white is a whole spectrum of colour. Colour where everything is right and the pressure to be all or nothing, success or failure disappears and all that is left is joy, love and peace.

It is constant flow, between yin and yang, in and out flow, shifting energy rather than leaking it. Moving energy invites more energy to flow into our lives.

I’d love to hear how you cultivate and direct energy in your life!

If you are wanting support on having more energy flowing into your life, including changing your biochemistry to free up more fuel,
then absorb our membership page here. Feel into your heart and if its aligned, move forward, send me an email to ask questions, or join our community. Whether its with us or not keep moving forward every day to a lighter and free’er version of you, where energy flows easily and life is magic!