Eat less, exercise more. That’s the equation for weight-loss isn’t it?

Hmmm no it’s not. And it hasn’t been for a while. Yet there is something about this model that we keep coming back to.

Here’s the science:

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Eat less equals feelings of deprivation which is never sustainable, but not only that, your metabolism slows. When you can’t stand the deprivation anymore, even if you can withhold bingeing, eating like you normally would will still put the weight back on, and some, in particular fat. You have communicated to your body it is deprived and starving, naturally your body goes into survival mode which equals slowing down your metabolism and storing fat. Using this model you will put 83% of the weight back on within 2years.

What about exercise, surely you burn calories? This is also incorrect. Your body has an inbuilt system to notify you of the increase in energy expenditure and an intrinsic chemical communication system called hormones that change as a result of the changes in energy input vs energy output. The consequence? You feel hungrier. If you do not listen to your bodies communication, again your metabolism will slow to ensure its needs are met.

This was beautifully demonstrated in the study of biggest loser contestants who lost weight initially, their metabolisms slowed and when they could no longer train for hrs a day on a calorie restricted diet they put the weight back on and some. Why is there never a reunion of the biggest looser contestants? And why is it still so popular? Because we still believe it to be true, despite numerous studies that say otherwise, and if you were to reflect, you own personal experience is no different.

So what is the secret to getting skinny?

Well it is simple. Instead of sending messages to the body of deprivation and starvation, send messages of satiety, of nourishment, of safety. If you body believes it is safe there is no need to go into survival fat storing mode. If your body feels satisfied and loved its impossible to binge. If your body is getting sufficient nutrient dense calories its impossible to over eat and your body is balanced.

Fat does exactly that. Good quality fats, provide the body with a rich source of nutrients communicating to the body fulfilment and satiety instead of deprivation. It changes your hunger hormones to say I am full so it is impossible to over eat. Not only that, it does not have the metabolic consequences of other macro nutrients in that it does not spike insulin, your fat storing hormone. Fat also nourishes the gut to encourage the growth of fat burning gut bacteria instead of the alternatives which feed fat storing gut bacteria. Fat is also a slow, long burning fuel so less food is required to meet the bodies needs. And Contrary to some shonky science back in the 50’s (only 7 out of 22 countries studied were mentioned in the result, creating a undeniable bias) good quality fat has been proven to improve cholesterol and heart health.

  • Here’s some simple fat burning science facts:
    Insulin is the only key to fat metabolism.
    When insulin is present it moves everything into fat cells for storage.
    Even in a calorie deprived, actively exercising state, insulin will store fat if present.
    If insulin is present, while exercising your body WILL NOT use fat stores for its fuel.
    If however insulin is absent your body is free to use fat for energy.

In summary, eating fat, communicates to your body you are safe, well nourished, and full. It does not spike insulin, your fat storing hormone and it improves your health. What are your favourite recipe with good quality fats?

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