When you start shifting all the toxic elements out of your life, it is amazing how in tune you become to your body, nature and the universe. You remove all the ‘noise’ and everything starts to become clear. Sometimes, we stray a little and if we are aware we get little signs helping bring us back on track.

For me these signs sometimes comes in the form of chronic pain and so it did on Monday, forcing me to step back and look at how I got off track. I have crammed so much into the week before I go back to NZ that in order to fit it all in I sacrificed my yoga and meditation for the day. Now not exercising for one day is not a problem for me, I appreciate flexibility I have a 5 month old girl :p But when there is sooo much to do in one day;  relaxing, finding focus and remembering to breathe is a non negotiable. My body gave me a nice reminder by making my joints so sore I couldnt walk and shrinking my frame to the hunch back of notre dame.

So how do we get back on track?

1. Get back to basics.

Establish your non negotiables for the day. These are like the quadrant 2 of the time management matrix. They are important but not urgent. If you do not work on them they become urgent as they did on Monday. Each day during my daughters first sleep I need to meditate and do 1/2 hr of yoga (when she sleeps longer and I am stronger I will work it up to 90mins). With these two basics I am able to achieve more in my day. I have more energy, increased mental clarity and most importantly I align my movements with my breathe so I don’t hold tension. It is the other items in my to do list that I must work around these two non negotiable tasks not the other way round.

2. Have a positive recovery plan.

I imagine you probably stray from your health routine sometimes too, maybe you get emotional and eat too much chocolate, or when you are really tired grab a V, how about when it rains for a few days, can you really motivate yourself to exercise? Listen to your body, love your body and when you stray, because you will sometimes, bring in your positive recovery plan. No negative thoughts or guilt. Look in the mirror and say out loud that you love yourself and prove it; go for a walk, have a green juice or smoothie, get a massage.

What are your basic non negotiables each day/week?
If you stray what is your plan to love yourself and bring yourself back on track?