The other day I overheard a group of girls having a chat about their weight loss regimes and naturally I was curious. I work with women every day, sometimes on health issues but usually we connect because they are unhappy with their weight. Our security in our appearance is a stronger driver than the IBS issues, brain fog, hot flushes, energy crashes, or chronic stress and anxiety. I don’t know why I decided to listen because honestly it breaks my heart every time. It breaks my heart for two main reasons.

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  1. They are using outdated information to manage their weight and it is damaging their metabolism and hormones which will haunt them at around about 40-50 yrs of age if not sooner. A recent study on biggest loser contestants demonstrates this, disappointingly well. Eat less, exercise more is the most destructive weight loss model, I talk about it more HERE.
  2. Secondly the language that is used in these discussions gives clear insight into the mindset that gets us in trouble in the first place. That is one of hate through punishment or deprivation. ‘Fat lazy cow’ ‘I hate my post baby bump.’ We hate our body or our lack of discipline, or our laziness and therefore our approach to weight loss is one of punishing or deprivation. To smash ourselves at the gym or at boot camp, to go on a diet next week, or starve ourselves.

Well let me tell you a little bit about burning fat. Feelings of fear, anger, stress and hate change your bodies biochemistry. Your body is designed for survival and these feelings are threatening and engage the bodies ‘fight or flight’ stress response. It gives your body quick energy to fight or flee but it does this through burning your quick fuel source, glucose – not fat. Your body shifts stored glucose (glycogen) from your muscles and liver and dumps the glucose into your blood, spiking your blood sugar for quick energy.

Well your body doesn’t like more than about a tsp of glucose in the blood so insulin kicks in to sweep it up and store it. Insulin is your principle fat storing hormone. So your fear, anger, stress and hate has just changed your bodies biochemistry to fat storing – not fat burning.

Fat burning on the other hand is a slow burning fuel in the presence of oxygen, it takes a little while to warm up and your body needs to feel safe to do so. Feelings of love allows us to feel safe and protected. Feelings of love change our bodies biochemistry to communicate it is safe to burn fat. Feeling love slows our breathing which activates our parasympathetic nervous system which is fat burning. Feelings of love encourage self care behaviour, treating your body with respect, nourishing the body with good foods, rest, saying no when it best serves you. Love promotes so many behaviours that are fat burning, emotions, thought patterns, exercise, sleep, stress management, play and fun, liver health….. Love creates an underlying fat burning state.

Hate on the other hand regardless of the weight loss activities you do will always create and underlying fat storing state.

How can you increase the feelings of love in your life, we would love to hear, share below!

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