As we move into a TIME and SPACE where ENERGY is everything the weird and the MAGICAL is happening. You may notice changes in the climate, governments, work environment, relationships, right down to our own personal bodies – all a REFLECTION of the changes happening WITHIN.
But how do we navigate these changes in a body that has functioned at a limited level for so long?
The short answer is,
we don’t.
Our body must be UPGRADED to hold more LIGHT, more ENERGY, to HEAL QUICKER and for us to EXPAND our LIVES faster that ever before.
And what does this look and feel like?
Well sometimes,
a mess, painful, debilitating,
and other times,
INSTANT, magnificent.
So for a while now I have been experiencing symptoms of disconnect between my spiritual growth and my body. I had done a full metabolism reset which had balanced my HORMONES, unlocked unlimited ENERGY, released excess WIEGHT, freed my mind and energised my HEART, SOUL, and life,
my body kept coming down with random sickness.
As an eternal optimist and spiritual junkie, my whole heart believes that our physical symptoms are an expression of INNER DISCONNECT,
on reflection,
my ego, my body, my part in this physical 3D world was LACKING INTEGRATION with my HIGHER SELF.
I had been having out of body experiences, travelling to different rhelms, bending time, jumping out of my body, seeing and feeling energy, but my brain, my INTELLECT had not caught up with the fact.
And so I kept getting sick.
In my limited thinking I saw through the eyes of ‘something being wrong’ something I needed to ‘fix’, ‘figure out’.
When I sank back into my body, my heart, my intuition, it was clear.
My body was UPGRADING.
I was doing the work, I was eating clean, HIGH VIBRATIONAL food, I was CLEANSING through WATER FAST and coffee enemas, I was meditating, CHANTING, getting rest and moving my body with exercise, I was surrounded by crystals and essential oils, JOURNALLING and writing affirmations daily, I was raising my vibration in almost every action –
I had been taking action,
and now,
I needed to sit back and allow for the result, the outcome, the effect.
Its the universal law, CAUSE and EFFECT.
If you are taking ALIGNED action, there will be an effect.
Are you open to RECIEVING?
As my body felt like it was being pulled and stretched in all different directions, in bone crunching pain, I finally saw that I was being stretched outside my comfort, EXPANDED. My body was expanding to keep up with my personal growth.
And so I LET GO.
As I let go and allowed my body to expand, without trying to ANALYSE why I might be sick, or in pain, as I let go of Louise Hay and my LESSON I might be learning, as I let go of the EMOTIONS that came up with the pain, as I stopped TRYING to figure our ‘what was wrong’,
I upgraded, and it was done.
Instant healing,
Instant next level.
By all means go to your doctor,
but if you are not getting the answers you desire,
maybe your body is upgrading,
maybe it is breaking down so you can REBUILD,
a stronger, more resilient house,
to HOLD more light, to HOLD more energy,
so you can move forward with more PASSION and PURPOSE in your life,
so you can step into your LIGHT,
so you can do, and ‘BE’ who you were born to be.
“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.”
If you are struggling for the steps, the action to take to upgrade your body, to heal the PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL bodies, then please tune into whether one of the 5 places in our ‘Light and Free’ Membership is aligned for you. You will have the VIDEOS, the WORKSHEETS, the RECIPES, the COMMUNITY and the weekly live SUPPORT calls to guide you in WHOLE healing, so you can more forward with CLARITY and CERTAINTY and instant HEALING if you are open to receiving. We are waiting for those 5 that are ready.
Sending you lots of love this week and the courage to let go,
to expand into everything you can be, and already are,
to upgrade, instantly
Life is meant to be light and free.
I hope to share this journey with you in our new membership group.
Much love and blessings,
Natalee xx

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