I didn’t even realise I had an inner child until I met her.

Until I held her and cried with her, feeling all her pain and all her fear.

I had sat down with her, listened to her, comforted her and held a space for her to just be.

Just as I would have wanted.

Just as I had wanted.
And just like that, the weight lifted.
I would say every woman that I have worked with has been disconnected from her inner child and as a consequence the body holds the neglected energy.

The energy is often held in excess weight, or creates illness, depression or anxiety and once tipping point is reached, only then are we forced to stop, connect, and heal at the source.

I believe everything that is preventing true happiness, love and peace in our lives is the result of inner child neglect.

As children born into a this world we navigate our journey initially through dependence on adults. Our trust in adults to maintain our life is necessary but also lacking discernment. We are exposed to environments where we have feelings and emotions that we don’t have the resources to cope with and as a consequence we pack the emotional energy away for later processing and adopt automatic patterns behaviour to keep us safe.
I have worked with many women who have been abused as children and while it is the worst possible example I could pick it is a powerful example of innate ability to survive at all costs. The emotional energy that is generated during the trauma enters the body and if not released (which most children don’t have the resources for) it gets stored in the organ or gland with the same vibrational energy. Anger for example is stored in the liver. Memories are stored in the limibic system of the brain but the brain will also create a belief and attach it to that emotional memory.

The emotional response to the trauma then becomes stored in the cellular memory throughout the body and becomes automatic.

In these women, and others with different forms of trauma or challenges, beliefs form such as being attractive is not safe, my body is not my own, I am not worthy of actual love.

The trauma is stored often in excess fat and many layers are created to form protection not only from the dangerous world but also in an unconscious attempt to look unattractive and stay alive.

I truly believe this energy and patterns stay stuck until we have the resources to release the energy, process and learn, as well as create new patterns that reflect the actual truth. We need to be ready, willing and able.

While I certainly have unintentionally helped many women with this kind of trauma mentioned above, it is outside my scope as a coach and I would always recommend seeking professional help.
What I am super passionate about is empowering people to not only be aware of how and why your body, health and life is not functioning the way you wish it to but to also take responsibility for your own body, health, and life. If you need professional support as well, by all means please do, I encourage you to.

But never ever at the sacrifice of your own power, intuition and action.


Here are four inner child exercises I have used to reconnect, hold space, release energy and reprogram my life as well as my clients.

1. Meet your inner child’s needs:
Close your eyes and allow yourself to go into a meditative state by focusing on slowing down your breath. When you feel relaxed and grounded ask yourself to visit your inner child. Allow time and space to see, hear, feel or sense yourself as a child. Notice your age, your surroundings, who else is there? Sit with the experience for a moment and then connect without yourself as a child and sense what is it that she needs? You have gone back in time to this moment because there was a need not met. Maybe she wasn’t listened to, or respected, maybe their was feelings she didn’t understand. Sit with her and allow yourself as an adult to meet her needs. Watch how she responds to having her needs met, feel what it would be like.
Finally watch her grow up to the person you are now and then hold her in your heart. You can visit or talk to her at any time. You can do this exercise and go back in time many times, to many ages, events and slowly heal your timeline.

This not only releases the energy but reprograms your life to one with all your needs met.

2. Conversation

 Find a comfy spot where you can relax into a meditative state. Grab a journal and any other prompts that support you. Once relaxed connect with your heart, the child inside of you and have a conversation with her.

Ask her what she needs right now and make sure you take action to support her.

You can do this anytime!
3. Play Date
Find the time and space so go on a play date with your inner child. Think and play like you would if you were a child. Be spontaneous, tell silly jokes, go play on a playground.

Make sure to book a regular play date with your inner child.

4. Role Reversal

Write down  all the negative things you think about yourself. What are the words you say to yourself when you are running late, or when you look in the mirror, you see a photo of yourself, or you try on your swimmers?
Then imagine a 3yr old version of yourself, or a 3yr old you know and read out your list to them. Tell them how they are useless for always running late, they look disgusting, and look as those fat thighs. Watch the child’s face as you read out your list. How does this make you feel?
Now write out a list you would say to this 3yr old and read it to her. Then watch her grow up with these words of encouragement and store her in your heart.

Any time you find yourself being cruel to yourself, connect with your inner child and change your words to that which you would share with a child.


Which method do you feel called to try first?

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When you are ready, willing and able, we are here to support your healing journey so you can live life, light and free!

Wishing you a magical week full of whole healing, energy and playful fun!

Natalee xx

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