I was at a networking event the other week with my beautiful friend Jade from Thrive Chiropractic Co and we were chatting about the tipping point or as I like to call it the fork in the road. Its the point where you come to the decision that things have to change and you take an active step to do so, rather than just thinking about it.

You can see in our logo this is a core part of our revolution ‘I AM NUMBER ONE‘, its the moment you stop coming last and put yourself first in your life and you take a new path.

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The challenge Jade and I were discussing was how can we change this fork from being a health crisis to connecting sooner as to avoid the point of burnout or crisis.

Often the point at which we connect with people is when there’s a ‘lose weight or die’ advice, or PCOS influences your ability to have children, or a cancer diagnosis, or burnout results in having to go on stress leave, depression and anxiety overwhelm to the point you are unable to take control of your own life and so on. For me it was diagnosis of Arthritis and imminent fusion of my spine and SI joint.

See there are symptoms years before this point. The body has been busy trying to bring itself back to homoeostasis storing toxins in extra fatty tissue resulting in increased weight, taking minerals, robbing peter to pay paul leaving your body short of essential vitamins, upset tummy from IBS, or skin break outs screaming I need help.

My question is why do we wait. And I believe the answer is in instant gratification.

We would much prefer the instant gratification of sugar, starchy carbohydrates, fun late social nights, excessive alcohol, medications that give us quick wins but not necessarily solving the problem, buy now pay later. The problem if you haven’t already noticed is that in our population where only 5% should be genetically sick, I would hazard a guess to say 99% if not 100% are experiencing symptoms of illness.

So tell me, what symptoms have you noticed in your body that are associated with poor health? Lets start a conversation to make the fork in the road a little closer so you can start a new path to health, where vibrant energy, happiness and success is the norm. Where exhaustion, stress, pain and sadness are a thing of the past.

What would you like to fix today?