As I slowly change my lifestyle I find myself craving chocolate less. Yes you heard it, the once chocoholic who would down a couple of bars a day, on top of a brownie, hedgehog or caramel slice is no longer a chocoholic. Don’t get me wrong it has taken a long time to get where I am and while my sugar cravings are a lot more manageable they are still there. So I do still love a healthy treat and I am quite enjoying a wider range of flavours. This recipe is easy, with only 4 ingredients and is super tasty and as always a healthy alternative.
I use a thermomix which is powerful enough to blend nuts and dates, if you have a less powerful machine you may need to blend these two ingredients individually and then combined them together.

2 cups of Almonds
1 cup of dates (or vary to suit your sweetness requirement)
Juice and flesh of one lime
3-4cm fresh ginger grated finely


  • Blend the almonds to a flour
  • Add the dates and blend to combine to a dough like consistency
  • Add the lime and ginger and blend until mixed thoroughly
  • Form balls from the dough and store in the fridge or freezer

What is your favourite healthy treat?

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