We all aspire to something. For some people, aspirations are larger than others. For some, aspirations are diligently broken down into goals and a plan. For some, they take action on the plan. For some they follow through on the action until the end and for some they analyse the outcome and review strengths and weakness to improve for next time.

But one distinct difference between you and an Olympic Athlete is – Margin Of Error.

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You are actually already quite aware most of the steps required in order for you to achieve your goal. Knowledge is not usually the area preventing you from achieving your goals. But you do make choices every day as to whether you will act on those steps and how many steps you will take. So if there is 100 steps to your goal,you will decide if and how many steps you will take in a day depending on how you are feeling. You have room to move, if you don’t take any, or only take a small amount the consequence is rather low. So an example would be if your goal is to lose 10kg and in order to do that for simplicity purpose there are 3 steps, exercise 30 minutes a day, stop eating sugar and visualise yourself 10kg lighter. If you chose to have a chocolate bar at 3pm, you are not taking a step forward however it is just one, the consequence is low you may just get to your goal one week later.

When you are an Olympic athlete the margin of error is super small. There is less – to no room for choices of whether to take the steps, the plan must be followed diligently.

I will give you another example. If you had your chocolate bar at 3pm, you could probably do a light workout after work. However if your goal was a high intensity workout this chocolate bar or ‘error’ would have a larger impact on your session. You may not notice the difference in your low intensity workout but your high intensity work out the deviation from your healthy plan has a more significant consequence. Same as if my stride was slightly out, on a 1k run the difference is negligible but over 21km I can run a few extra k’s more just by a small difference in my stride.

So a chocolate bar or a slight deviation in stride to an Olympic athlete can be the difference between a medal or not.

If you have big goals, and you are passionate about achieving them, your room for error is going to be lower. So you will not be able to get away with the as many cheats in your health and career. So if you truly want to get outstanding results, podium finish, tighten up on your health, mindset and career steps. If you want to continue making choices that don’t serve your body and mind health or your career you need to be prepared for the fact you may not reach your goal. You have a choice.

Comment below one thing you are going to tighten up on to take you one step closer to your goal!