It’s been a tough few weeks in our house. I love to be the picture of health 24/7, but truth is I am human and quite a sensitive one at that. So when an epidemic of flu has taken over the Sunshine Coast I went down like a lead balloon.

[headline style=”1″ font_size=”20″ font_font=”Shadows%20Into%20Light” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23F3C2B3″ font_shadow=”none” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]Personally I feel that before we can be susceptible to certain germs and bugs our vibrational energy must be low enough for our body not to fight it on its own.


Personally I feel that before we can be susceptible to certain germs and bugs, our vibrational energy must be low enough for our body not to fight on its own. This is the part I find particularly difficult, as our body’s vibrational energy comprises not only of our physical health through good whole foods and moving our body daily, but also our mental and emotional health, which I gotta be honest, I am still figuring out.

Right before I came down with a fever I literally had been balling my eyes out. I had felt immense pressure from a couple of different angles and I just caved. After following other people’s advice for a couple of weeks I was really struggling to find the balance between stretching outside of my comfort zone for personal growth and staying true to my heart and purpose which is to help as many women as I can.

So I found myself huddling around the heater shivering so aggressively I actually thought I might shatter some teeth before retiring to bed for any early night. Here I would stay for another 4-5 days before figuring out nature’s secrets.

[headline style=”1″ font_size=”22″ font_font=”Shadows%20Into%20Light” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23F3C2B3″ font_shadow=”none” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]No animal eat’s when it is sick.


So here’s what I already knew. No animal eats when it is sick. Like these animals its not uncommon for us not to feel like eating and I truly believe this is an inbuilt system designed to protect us. When we stop eating we activate a healing energy system within the body that is normally switched off when we eat. It is designed to reboot our immune system, heal damaged cells, grow new cells and kill off any pathogenic species.

So this is how I started my flu journey because I truly believe this is the ultimate healing protocol, fasting. My temperature would come and go and I would rest up allowing my body to do its thing.

But I ran into a problem.

With a tickle in my throat, coughing meant that I couldn’t keep water down. Our healing system can go without food, but it cannot go without water. Very quickly I got dehydrated and was unable to hold any water down.

Enter mumsie. Mum’s love to care for their kids, even if they are 32…. There is something that possess them, they hate seeing their babies in pain and are desperate to solve their kids’ problems so they don’t have to see them experience any discomfort. So mum booked me a doctor appointment, showed up at my front door and off we went. I felt like a 5 year old, and I can’t say I minded.

I am very grateful our ‘fill in’ doctor wasn’t too big on meds. He openly admitted there wasn’t much he could do, except assist with hydration and recommend panodol for the fever. He gave me a jab for nausea as well as a script and gave us a lecture on electrolytes preferably in the form of hydrolyte or Gatorade. With my opposition to sugar we settled on some coconut water.

A few more days in with a combo of coconut water and Gatorade which I caved in to, I was going no where. The fever was constant with no reprieve and I was exhausted as I couldn’t sleep. I reached out to some of my friends in the natural world for their best flu busting secrets.

[headline style=”1″ font_size=”24″ font_font=”Shadows%20Into%20Light” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23F3C2B3″ font_shadow=”none” align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]Here are the 2 secrets that busted my fever in 6 hours!


First of all I was guided to letting go, to stop resisting the fever and give in to it. I let it consume my body, getting up to about 41 degrees at one point, I allowed it to wash over me. I even assisted it with a super hot bath, and rugging up warm in bed, with the fan going to keep my head cooler.

Secondly I had a fat bomb every hour until the fever broke. The fat bomb consisted of an even mix of local raw (or manuka) honey and grass fed organic butter. It actually was pretty tasty and the first food I was able to hold down.

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  • Manuka honey is antimicrobial and antiviral. It is also an antioxidant that can help to increase vitality and immunity. Manuka honey has a nutrient content up to 4 times greater than normal honey including Amino acids, B vitamins (B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid) Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc. Manuka honey has a considerably higher level of enzymes than regular honey. These enzymes create a natural hydrogen peroxide that works as an antibacterial. Some strains are particularly rich in hydrogen peroxide, methylglyoxal and dihydroxyacetone which leads to it’s medicinal properties. There’s been a number of studies where it basically killed any bacteria it was put in front of.
  • Grass fed butter is a carb free rich source of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Butter has the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A necessary for thyroid and adrenal health. It contains short and medium chain fatty acids which are an excellent source of quick energy (not stored as fat), boosting your immune system and your metabolism. Grass fed butter is also a rich source of butyric acid, which is anti-inflammatory; lauric acid, important in treating fungal infections; as well as linoleic and arachidonic acid, which are extremely important in immune function.


Basically a flu fat bomb. I was also reminded by my holistic health loving friends and practitioners that gatorade is still just refined sugar which suppresses the bodies immune system and panadol was keeping my fever down and not allowing it to do its job. Within 6 hours of allowing my body to give in to the fever and taking my fat bomb each hour the fever broke. Coincidence? I couldn’t say for sure but it certainly didn’t feel like it.

My daughter started coming down with similar symptoms, we followed this protocol for one day and she was up playing again in no time!

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What is your best Flu busting secret?