Are you hiding or proudly expressing your inner weird ?

You know the part of you that doesn’t quite fit in, the bit that might not be socially accepted or at least judged if people were to see?The part of you that you are too scared to show the world, is actually the part that will set you free and reclaim your health and happiness for good!!!

I want to share with you that moment,
the moment when you learn that people are saying you are weird,

AND it no longer bothers you,
Because nothing FEELS better than being you.
My mind tormented me for 20years of anxiety and depression,
Medicated at 13 to quiet the darkness in my head,
Fearing and avoiding the darkness only threw me into turmolutous highs and lows,
Tears in bathrooms, under beds, a burning rage inside,
Terrifying fears and loneliness,
Isolated, disconnected,
Becoming a shape shifter to be what everyone else wanted,
And loved darely for the beautiful masks I created,
But EMPTY inside,
Filling the void with food, shopping, busyness,
Ignoring the innocent girl inside,
Screaming to be heard,
Drowning in a world full of superficial stuff,
Pain and fear,
Humans tearing each other down,
Disconnected and trapped,
Until the constant drumming of my heart and soul,
Got louder,
The little girl inside was holding on,
she started fighting back,
And the beat of the drum,
Started to shake the ground,
And the walls around started to fall,
And there stood the truth,
The light AND the dark,
As one,
Not good or bad,
And she was free,
Free from the burden of pleasing others,
Free from the pain of worldy worries,

Living life light and free.

This is me just getting started.

And I am calling you out too .

It has taken me some solid and consistent effort to get to this point, but in the process, I have released 10kg of unnecessary weight without dieting or exercise, I no loner associate with anxiety and depression as a condition of mine, I am energised on life, I feel full of love constantly and I feel the freedom of each expanding moment into infinite abundance.

You can feel all of this too, you will cleanse and clear your physical, mental and emotional body,
it will hold more energy and light, it is your destiny you can’t avoid it. 
You can only speed up the process by going head first into the pieces of you that are hidden, that you are ashamed of, that you are scared of, shine a light on them, and have the courage to feel and express them in their wholeness.

This is you.


I have so many people reaching out to me at the moment, struggling to hold on, I will share more on this shortly, but just know
your aren’t breaking down, you are breaking through, your vibration is increasing and all dense energy is coming to the surface,
in your body and life.
You are birthing a new you, and labour can be uncomfortable!

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Sending you so much courage to show us your weird this week , the vulnerability to ‘be you‘ and holding a space for you to feel unconditional love just as you are,