Do you listen to signs?
I didn’t.
I rarely saw COINCIDENCES let alone believed they had any SIGNIFICANCE.
Now I can say I have used them to balance hormones, burn more fat, stress less, and unlock a peace and happiness that I didn’t have for 30 years prior.
But how?

About 18 months ago, I was asleep, well UNCONSCIOUS is probably the more accurate word. I had been living in a lot of unconscious FEAR and societal CONDITIONING that I had programmed to take daily actions to protect myself. To keep me SAFE from REJECTION, DISCONNECTION mainly. But it also kept me stressed, anxious, worried, it also stored fat to keep me safe, down regulated my thyroid, increased inflammation and upset my tummy.

no matter how hard I tried to HIDE from fear, rejection, disconnection it kept chasing me. Its the law of POLARITY, these feelings are the different side of the same coin and if we run the universe works extra hard to RESTORE BALANCE of light and dark in the world, so we get more of what we run from,
we embrace its SHADOW, ACCEPT it, normalise it, release ATTACHMENT to not having it.
And then it disappears.

But signs,
I didn’t see them until I I was deep, deep in fear.
No home for my family, no money to pay bills, living at my mother in laws, scared and ALONE,
isolating myself from those that could and were asking to help,
disconnected, unconscious, creating a world of SEPARATION that didn’t actually exist.
It fueled my worry, my anxiety and stress, it fueled increase in weight, thyroid changes, gut imbalance and inflammation,
I OPENED my eyes.

All around me was alive, the birds, the trees, the cards in my hands, the words, the numbers, they all started speaking to me. I had asked God for help and he sent me all his creations to SPEAK to me because I wasn’t listening.
It started with angel cards and reoccurring numbers and then moved to runes and deep meditations where I accidentally started astral projecting.
I opened pandoras box of MAGIC that sparkled, gave me HOPE, CLARITY and a PASSION to move forward.

I released fear and gave my worries not only to God but to my angels, my faeries, my unicorns, I put trust in activating my CONSCIOUSNESS through cards and runes.

I found myself travelling to the stars and met God there, he had no words,
I just sunk into the deepest and most profound LOVE that melted every earthly worry away.

On earth, my stress started to drop, despite no changes in our external circumstances, my husband still redundant, insufficient money to make ends meet. My body relaxed and my bowels started moving with ease, my weight started to shift and I saw life through an unbreakable perspective.

I leaned ALL IN. I LET GO completely, 100% faith, 100% vulnerable.

Don’t get me wrong I could see the circumstances were dire, but I had not ATTACHMENT to the fear, just trust, that everything always works out perfectly – my new BELIEF.

As I asked more questions, more signs showed up, people appearing coincidentally, repetitively, IMAGES, SYMBOLS. As I saw my path lay out before me I stepped forward in faith and a new stepping stone would appear.

As I listened and acted I was given more RESPONSIBILITY, more gifts, I expanded into more rhelms and unlocked more of my unconscious self.

At every upgrade I faced the same fears, but chose to move forward anyway. I prioritised ALIGNMENT with myself, my guides and my path became ridiculously clear, it opened up a new house, a new job for hubby, it opened up new opportunities, connections that I never thought could exist.

Signs show up to remind me of when I stray off track or when I need support and ENCOURAGEMENT, If am listening and lovingly mindful I see them. I am always supported, loved and guided, I am always connected and have everything I need. Sometimes I FORGET, but the moment I chose to ask questions, and be OPEN to signs, it all comes flooding back. My body, my health, my life,

Our body, weight, health and life has a PHYSICAL element, but we forget the EMOTIONAL component which is driven by our THOUGHTS and BELIEFS about life. What if we were not alone, what if we were connected to every being and any problem can be resolved with their help. STRESS is the number one cause of the weight and illnesses I see, FEAR, based on our disconnected with ourselves and everyone else.

Everything around us is an EXTENSION of ourselves, a reflection of us, if we LOOK, we have everything we need, always.

What signs have your noticed in your life lately? What coincidences have been showing up?

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