As an athlete myself I often make sporting reference to women’s health and I do so because in my experience as a sports coach the principles have also applied in my life and executive coaching clients with high results.

When Anna Meares called her coach in tears last year, exhausted and emotionally burnt out, that could have been the end her Olympic dream this year. She might not have been Australia’s team captain and flag bearer. We could have lost a beautiful, strong and kind leader who influences and inspires so many around her.

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I see this happen every day in our working women, those that take on the role of a leader, not always with the title. They work hard, give all of themselves, physcially, mentally and emotionally to their staff, collegues, family and friends. They put a huge amount of pressure on themselves, expecting perfection. Filling every moment of time with some activity to move them closer to their goal. Until they look up and realise they they are lost and burnt out.

Well here is what happened when Anna Meares spoke to her coach. She was ready to quit. Just like we have all been ready to quit our jobs, felt like running away from our families, hiding somewhere until the storm calms down.

Well Anna’s coach told her to come into the track, not to train for the Olympics, not to push her body to the limits, not to find perfection, but to come in because that was were her friends were, that was what she enjoyed doing. Just come in, and just be.

Well you know the results, she did make it to the olympics, she was our flag bearer and team captain and also medal winner for the 6th time. So you too can make it to your goal. Here was the pivotal moments:

1. Ask for help – If your demands exceed your resources, increase your resources, seek help from family, friends, coach, boss.
2. Going from perfection to progression – by removing the pressure of expectations, mostly from yourself, you free up energy to just move forward.
3. Come back to your vision/purpose – its easy to get lost in the daily grind and lose your way. Your vision/purpose and core values, those things important, that you love are your compass to life. Strip away the politics and come back to your heart.
4. Put yourself first – if you don’t put yourself first no one else will.

Please share below one thing will you do this week to protect yourself from emotional burnout, I would love to hear from you!