I love change, I am great at it. Well, I’m not actually great at it, I’m great at getting excited about everything new and shiny and jumping head first into anything and everything. I don’t have a plan, I just see the end product and nothing in between.

Over the past couple of years I have been researching and implementing lifestyle changes to help combat a degenerative form of arthritis. Some changes have stuck and some, well, for various reasons haven’t. This is very common, I know I am not the only one who has got excited about new years resolutions and not made it through January. So Motivated Monday is about breaking down a bigger goal into smaller goals. Here is how it works.

  1. Write your vision for your life. Your ultimate goal of where you are heading. This can change, mine is currently “I am a happy, healthy, spiritual woman. I live in the present enjoying each moment with my family, friends and myself. I treat my body with respect feeding it nutritiously, moving it daily and resting my mind. I make time for me because I love Natalee, Wife, Mother, Family and Friend.” I read this to myself daily to help me prioritise what is important in my life and remind me of my purpose.
  2. Now you have your ultimate goal, make sure you have written it down and put it somewhere you can read everyday. This goal needs to be broken down into many small goals. So I said I want to be happy, healthy and spiritual so I break this down into small tasks; Talk and meet with family and friends, yoga, netball, running, reading a good book, meditation/prayer. Healthy for me especially at the moment is becoming alkaline. This involves the tasks of eating more vegetables, eliminating animal proteins, reducing sugar and wheat, reducing exposure to chemicals. 

As you can imagine the list of smaller tasks goes on forever, as you never stop evolving as a person so new tasks get added. So this is where motivated Monday comes in. You cannot wake up tomorrow doing all these tasks and stick to them. In order to be successful in achieving your goal you need to take one task at a time. I am going to commit to picking one new task each week and focusing on making it a lifelong habit. I ask that you commit to doing the same thing. I will start by posting my goal each week on the Enlighten Life Coaching Facebook page and you can add your goal in the comments. Each week you will add a new task and each week we will grow together towards our ultimate vision for ourselves. Are you ready to commit to change in your life? There is an enlightened life out there waiting for you. This is the first step.